Moroccan royal tent CHAIMA L


Moroccan royal tent CHAIMA L

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Chaima is the Moroccan name for a Berber tent . With a magnificent Chaima you can create the perfect setting for a wedding celebration, a family celebration or a company anniversary. Our oval royal tents are impressively tall, have vertical walls, a separate tent roof, a canopy and decorative brass heads . If necessary, the walls can be rolled up or removed completely. The tent tarpaulins are made of a 3-layer composite material :

  • Outside: The outer skin is made of densely and firmly woven cotton (with 30% synthetic content), the pattern is sewn on. The black and white design is reminiscent of chess pieces on the fields of a game board. And so the circle closes: The word chess comes from the Persian Shah, in German king.

  • Intermediate layer: To protect guests from precipitation, the middle layer consists of a waterproof plastic film . At the same time, it ensures that no disturbing light can penetrate the light cotton layer.

  • Inside: The alternating green and red fabric panels create an attractive striped look. Practically all patterns that can be found on oriental upholstery and textiles harmonize with this. Gold-colored ornamental print underlines the joy of jewelry that is typical of the decorations of the Orient. The interior looks particularly authentic if you cover the floor with Moroccan carpets .

With around 50 m², the Chaima-M model is perfect for a number of guests of up to 60. This applies to furnishings that are not too lavish. Business events are the main purpose for this tent design. But it also gives larger private celebrations such as weddings a generously festive atmosphere.

Please make sure to moor your royal tent well (lines and ground stakes are included). Then the Chaima also withstands most gusts of wind. People, food and equipment are well protected.

Equipped with oriental furniture and lamps , a royal tent is something very special. Your guests will admire your excellent taste and you will feel like you are in a dream from 1001 Nights!

Dimensions and scope of delivery :

  • Base: oval

  • Dimensions: 10 m length, 5 m width, 4.80 m height

  • Side wall height: approx. 1.70 m

  • Tent material: roof and side walls

  • Construction material: ridge pole, support poles, brass heads, ropes and ground stakes (pegs). Illustrated assembly instructions are included.

The price includes VAT and plus shipping from warehouse.

Also available in other sizes. Custom-made products are also possible ; Delivery time and price on request.

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