Jute carpets

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Jute carpets

A jute carpet is pure nature. Whether in the living room, bedroom or in your personal retreat - it is not only an eye-catcher, but also a statement of environmental awareness and style. Casa-Moro jute rugs are made by skilled craftsmen. The way they work can be seen particularly well in a colorful jute carpet : Start in the middle, then place the fibers in a spiral outwards and connect them invisibly. Jute rugs add a touch of boho chic to your home.

Good to know: Jute is the name given to the bast fiber from the jute plant, which is mainly grown in India and Bangladesh. After harvesting, the jute fibers are dried and spun into coarse yarn and woven into sacks, for example. The stems and leaves produce thicker, particularly durable fibers for mats and carpets. After cotton, jute is the most important natural fiber in terms of quantity and provides a livelihood for millions of small farmers worldwide.