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A bed cover with a mandala motif is simply breathtakingly beautiful. The artistic bedspreads reflect the rich Indian culture in the characteristic pattern and authentic color scheme. Each oriental duvet tells a story of distant lands and ancient traditions - and enriches your home with a pinch of exoticism.

Handmade bedspreads in a mandala design symbolize unity and harmony. Mostly circular, towards the center  Oriented diagrams embody the entire universe with heaven, earth and the underworld. We humans find ourselves in the middle and strive to internalize the connections. From their origins, mandalas are a source of inspiration and meditation. The decorative effect is also not neglected: fans of the boho style will love a mandala bed throw .

Our tip: With an oriental bedspread you can beautify a large, free wall area with little effort. A mandala wall hanging turns out to be a real eye-catcher.