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Of course, a  hand-painted washbasin in bright colours  also fits into a white tiled... more
Product information "Oriental hand painted ceramic washbasin Fes111"

Of course, a hand-painted washbasin in bright colours also fits into a white tiled bathroom. But it looks even better in a slightly tinted, cream-coloured or dark environment.  Surrounded by natural materials such as wood, cork or terracotta, thecolours shine particularly intensively, making the wash hand basin look like a precious jewel. When it comes to colours, you can be guided entirely by your preferences - or you can take your cue from the colour symbolism of the Orient.

Some examples are: Ochre, as the color of the desert, stands for eternity; green is the color of protection and, above all, religion; red symbolizes passion; white, purity. Deep blue is supposed to protect against the evil eye - and is the emblem of the city of Fez. It is in this lively city that the ceramic washbasins for Casa-Moro arehand-potted and painted. Each piece is unmistakably unique.

Casa-Moro ceramic sinks are countertop sinks. Their flat bottom finds support in a vanity top, so nothing wobbles or slips. Of course, you can also install the basin in a vanity unit. However, please bear in mind the slightly raised edge due to the material.

Product details
Material: ceramic
Type: hand-painted ceramic basin
Type: countertop washbasin
Shape: Round
Diameter: approx. 35  cm
Height: approx. 14  cm
Base diameter: approx. 15  cm
Drain diameter: approx. 4 cm
Overflow: no

The hand-painted pattern is abrasion resistant. However, only use mild cleaning agents mild cleaning agents on soap basis and do without sharp means and rough sponges.


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