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Rattan basket Rimini was handmade from  100% natural rattan , so they have a... more
Product information "Rattan basket Rimini"

Rattan basket Rimini washandmade from 100% natural rattan, so they have a nature-friendly storage option. These rustic woven baskets are naturalbeautiful, sturdy, making them ideal for storage and decoration. Each rattan basket islined with a transparent film, so it also makes a good figure as decorative flower pot and plant basket .

The round rattan basket Rimini is the perfect organizer and offers with its storage space enough space for many everyday items, so with ease creates a tidy home image in your bedroom and living room. You can also use this rattan basket with handle as an all-purpose basket for your fireplace wood or for your food items such as fruits, vegetables, potatoes and onions.

The simple design is at the same time elegant and an eye-catcher. These all-purpose baskets can be perfectly combined with a modern interior design such as Mediterranean, boho, hygge, ethnic and country style. Also as a thoughtful housewarming gift or as a gift basket for family, friends or neighbors, you can't go wrong.

Simply select the appropriate basket size or set, and also be inspired by the quality and beauty of our rattan baskets.

Product Details:

  • Material: natural rattan / inside with foil
  • Color: color shades between natural, beige, gray, dark brown to black possible
  • Shape: round
  • Dimensions basket Rimini M: diameter ca. 37 cm x height ca. 44 cm | height with handle ca. 52 cm 
  • Dimensions basket Rimini L: Diameter approx. 42 cm x height approx.  50 cm | height with handle approx. 58 cm
  • Dimensions basket Rimini XL: Diameter approx. 51 cm x height approx. 57cm | height with handle approx. 64 cm
  • Weight RiminiM: approx. 1,2 kg 
  • Weight Rimini L: approx. 1,6 kg
  • Weight Rimini XL: approx. 2 kg
  • The set of 2 includes the basket sizes M and L
  • The set of 3 includes the basket sizes  M, L and XL

Note: All our rattan baskets and wickerwork was handmade from natural materials, so variations in shape, color, weight and size are possible and normal, and are therefore not to be considered a defect.

Important: Natural rattan is suitable for any living area and only for outdoor use protected from the weather -  Please protect from rain and strong sunlight.

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